Virginie LAMBERT, M.A. in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology
-  Psychologue clinicienne, diplômée de l’Université Paris Descartes  -

Virginie LAMBERT is an experienced French Clinical Psychologist, holding a Professional Master’s Degree from Paris Descartes University. She trained in major public teaching hospitals in Paris within general psychiatry units and in an international private hospital in Beijing, China.  She completed a research year in an Australian university about the expatriates’s mental health.

She has a strong knowledge of the companies corporate environment where she interacted efficiently for the staff wellbeing within a French major industrial company during 10 years.
Focus Areas

Virginie has been supporting clients suffering from a broad range of psychological and emotional issues like expatriation and cultural adjustments, feelings of anxiety, depression, grief and loss, phobias, suicidal ideation, self-esteem issues, life transitions, relationship challenges, chronic medical issues, addictions, perinatal area challenges (infertility issues, pregnancy, postpartum, parenting)etc.

She has an expertise in the occupational environment/Employee Assistance Programme, preventions and treatments including Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for groups and individuals, defusings, trauma counselling…psychosocial risks prevention and staff wellbeing, stress management, burn-out, workplace counselling, supportive crisis intervention process, mental health psychoeducation for managers, HRs etc.

About Virginie

Virginie has been a working or studying expatriate for 10 years through Europe, Asia, South America and Australia, thus can she work and relate with people from different culture and lifestyle contexts. She has unique personal understanding of the underlying challenges of living abroad and offers a non-judgmental and relational approach which is accepting and respectful of the values and belief systems of her clients.

She has large experience working with adults experiencing a range of psychological difficulties that are having a negative impact on their ability to function in the way they would like.

Virginie uses a holistic and practical approach in therapy, she employs a range of evidence-based therapeutic interventions including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a practical and active therapeutic approach that is effective for most mental health concerns. Virginie’s ability to connect with her clients on a personal level allows her to build safe, trusting and therapeutic relationships. She has an open and sensitive therapeutic style and tailors therapy for each individual. She works on providing clients with tools and strategies that they can transfer from the therapy room to their real life.

She works collaboratively with individuals so as to increase their internal motivation to make positive changes, and help them resolve the specific barriers that are keeping them from leading healthier, happier lives.


Virginie speaks French, English and Spanish.


She is a registered Clinical Psychologist with the French Health Professions Council (ARS).
Memberships : French F.F.P.P, British Psychological Society (MBPsS), Australian Psychology Society 
(APS Associate Member), French Cognitive and Behavioural Association (AFTCC Paris, member of the European Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies).

She is committed to ongoing professional development that maintains and develops her skills and knowledge.

Virginie LAMBERT, M.A. in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology
- Psychologue clinicienne, diplômée de l’Université Paris Descartes 


Languages Used: French, Spanish and English

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