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Victoria Smith Lyons M.A. (Music Therapy), M.A. (Applied Linguistics), Applied Psychology  Behavioral Technician (ABA).

​Music Therapist/ Behavioral Technician (ABA)




Victoria Smith Lyons is a qualified music therapist from Ireland and a  member of the British Association of Music Therapists (BAMT) . She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the National University in Ireland in 2004. Following this, she worked as an ABA therapy assistant on home-based behaviour modification programs for families in Ireland, and as a special needs assistant at a kindergarten.

She moved to the UK in 2005, where she worked as a mental health support worker and volunteer trainer for Cambridgeshire Mental Health Helpline for 18 months, supporting clients with issues including schizophrenia, personality disorders, OCD, bi-polar disorder, depression, anxiety and PTSD. She then moved into a position as a learning disability key worker at a supported living hostel, supporting adolescent and adult clients with a wide range of needs including; mild learning disabilities, ASD, self-harming behavior, depression, anxiety and physical disabilities.

A keen flute player and vocalist since she was a child, she obtained her Master’s degree in Music Therapy in 2008 at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. As part of her training she co-facilitated groups with borderline personality disorder at the Waterview Centre in London and wrote her Master’s thesis on the role of mentalisation-based interventions in Music Therapy. She has also worked individually with children with developmental delay and ASD and their families in the UK (Croft Family Centre, Cambridge), and adults with mild to severe learning disabilities in the UK and Ireland (Cambridgeshire Learning Disability Partnership, Cork Independent Living Services). Her approach to music therapy is psychoanalytically- informed and based on free musical improvisation as well as verbal content where appropriate, requiring no musical ability on the part of the client.

Victoria began working at ICCD as an ABA assistant in March 2017, providing ABA therapy to children of various ages who are affected by behavioural and developmental difficulties. Victoria has been in Vietnam for 4 years to date, and previously worked as a language teacher, as she is also qualified with a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. She is able to offer;  ABA therapy, music therapy assessments, individual and group music therapy for a wide range of issues, and language teaching/tutoring.