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I recived  my Bachelor of Commerce at RMIT University Vietnam and completed  My Masters of Counselling at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia. I can share with you that I gradually made the transition from the business world  to counselling once,  I discovered my passion and interest in working with people and helping them to find answers within. Along my journey, I studied Art Therapy and ran group activities for children from disadvantaged  families. While working on my master degree, which followed the people-centered philosophy, I provided counselling to young adults and guidance about thier careers and worked with the  family and other mental health issues. I also volunteered for Qlife in Australia, providing brief telephone counselling and referrals for the LGBTIQ and the greater community. I also, completed CBT training with Centre for Clinical Interventions (CCI) in Western Australia.


I could go on  about myself, However, I am more interested in knowing about you and your stories while, understanding your challenges and potential. I would love to work with you to explore the different perspectives and the journey toward healing. I trust that you are the expert and we can work together to see the answers evolve within you.

Tram Le M.A

Vietnam / Australia