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Thu, Le Thi Thanh (Jane Le)
Speech and Language Therapist
Applied behavioral analysis (RBT in process)
Learning Support Teacher


For the past 5 years, Thu has had experience with learning support in the mainstream schools for her son; who has a speech and language disorder and learning difficulty. She took a post-graduate course at Pham Ngoc Thach University in 2017 to become a Vietnamese Speech and Language Pathologist and worked for various clinical centers and schools ever since.

Thu was also trained as an Early Childhood Montessori Teacher by Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute and was Teaching English to Speakers of other languages by Australian International College of Language, Southport, Australia.

Thu is a dedicated speech pathologist in Vietnam, working with an evidence-based and family-centered approach. She has a passion to empower client’s family in becoming “experts” and helping the client on a daily basis. She believes in more effective support systems while working towards more sustainable outcomes for children, family satisfaction, increasing client’s independence and quality of life.

          International Center for Cognitive Development