International Center for Cognitive Development

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Thu, Le Thi Thanh (Jane Le)
Speech and Language Therapist
Applied behavioral analysis (RBT in process)
Learning Support Teacher

The International Center for Cognitive Development (ICCD) is here to help SE Asian residents and expat make the most of their Individual lives, both personally, professionally and academically. 

Jade Duncan

Speech Pathologist

United Kingdom

Currently: unavailable for New clients

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Dr. Azrael Jeffrey M.Ed., Ph.D

​Psychologist / Educational Specialist


​0947 180 239 English    AzJeffrey@Iccd.Info

0965 729 346 VN           

​Phuong Pham M.A

Counselor/ Psychotherapist

Vietnam / UK

Jak Dunlay OTBNZ
Occupational  Therapist

Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand (OTBNZ)
New Zealand

Nghia Minh  Trinh

Speech and  Language pathologist

Applied behaviuor  analysis / RBT in Progress


Stacey Lowell

BACP Accredited Integrative Counselor 

United Kingdom​​

Please Note: Stacey is on Maternity Leave an is not currently in the country.  She is  taking new clients online only

Mai Thị Việt Thắng M.Ed


Vietnam / USA