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Simone is a Speech Pathologist from Australia. She graduated from Bachelor of Health Science (Speech Pathology) from Charles Sturt University, Albury in 2007. Since 2013, Simone has been working in Vietnam on a volunteer assignment through Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID). With the support of Trinh Foundation Australia (, she co-ordinated the first university training program in Speech Therapy in Vietnam.

Prior to her volunteer assignment in Vietnam, Simone worked for 3.5 years as an Educational Speech Pathologist in a number of primary schools. She was also involved in a research project called Oral Language Supporting Early Literacy (OLSEL - which involved training teachers to embed oral language targets within the curriculum. This initiative targeted five major oral language areas: phonological and phonemic awareness, understanding and using longer and more complex sentences, awareness and application of the Story Grammar Sequence and vocabulary knowledge.

Prior to her work as an Educational Speech Pathologist, Simone worked as a generalist clinician in rural and remote areas of Australia. This involved working with people across the lifespan and across the broad spectrum of services a Speech Pathologist can offer: speech, language, voice, fluency and swallowing services from children to adults in Community Health and Hospital setting (acute and rehabilitation). 

From her career experience as a Speech Pathologist Simone can offer the following services:
- Assessment and consultation/intervention for people with speech, language, voice, fluency or swallowing difficulties.

- Support for teachers to implement adaptations for students with special needs and embed oral language targets within the curriculum.

- Training English learners in accent modification to increase intelligibility and comprehensibility of spoken English.

- Advanced skills in phonetic transcription and speech sound production.

Simone has been studying the Vietnamese language since she arrived in Vietnam in 2013 and has progressed to a pre-intermediate level. Professional advantages of learning Vietnamese include developing depth of understanding of the structure of Vietnamese phonetics and linguistics. This allows Simone insight into predicted difficulties that Vietnamese people will encounter when learning English as an additional language. She can achieve this through comparison between the structures of the native and the foreign language from a language specialist perspective.

Speech Pathologist / Supervisor

​Simone Maffescioni

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