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Jessica McCluskey BSc.,  CSLS
Speech Pathologist

0126 6330261

Jessica is a Speech Pathologist from Ireland. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Speech and Language Studies) from Trinity College Dublin, in 2010.

Jessica has just arrived in Vietnam after a few months travelling through Asia and is looking forward to developing her career in Ho Chi Minh.  Prior to arriving in Vietnam, Jessica worked for 6 years as a Pediatric Speech and Language Therapist for the Irish health services. She worked primarily with children 0-18 presenting with Autism, intellectual disability, social-emotional difficulties, physical disability as well as eating, drinking and swallowing disorders.

The vast majority of intervention provided, by Jessica in Ireland, was implemented in the home and school environment to facilitate generalisation of new skills and empower key stakeholders in communicating with the child in their care. For the last two years Jessica worked full-time with very young children and preschoolers. 

Jessica can offer the following services:

Assessment and consultation/intervention for people with speech, language, voice, fluency or swallowing difficulties. 
- Support for teachers to implement adaptations for students with special needs and embed oral language targets within the curriculum.

- Recommend and support the implementation of environmental strategies to support participation and inclusion in the school and home settings

- Support in choosing and implementing Augmentative and Alternative Communication tools, both low tech (PECS) and high tech (Proloque2go), for children with limited or no verbal output.

- Social skills development for young children and teenagers.

-Hanen More Than Words training for parents of children with diagnosed or suspected Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
Hanen It Takes Two to Talk training for the parents of children with delayed speech and language skills.
Jessica can offer basic parenting support. She is Parents Plus trained. This an evidence based parenting course promoting confidence, learning and positive behaviour in children.