At a Glance

  • A private evaluation is an evaluation by a professional not working for your child’s school.
  • You control the type of testing that happens in a private evaluation.

An evaluation can help you learn more about your child’s needs and  can help you make good choices about your child’s education.  Professionals Who Administer Testing

There are different types of professionals who are qualified to do a private evaluation. Some are able to do all of the necessary tests. Others specialize and are certified only in certain areas. Here are some things to consider before hiring a private evaluator.

Professionals who can help include:

Counseling / Clinical psychologists (for psychological, educational testing and processing and functioning )
Educational psychologists (for educational testing)
Neuropsychologists (for brain processing and functioning testing)

Types of Testing

A private evaluation for learning and attention issues involves various types of tests. It also includes a review of your child’s history and a conversation with and observation of your child. It can take a few testing sessions to finish and usually involves two main things:

Intelligence and achievement testing, including information processing, memory and reasoning
Testing in other areas of concern, such as speech and physical skills

What to Expect After Testing

After your child has been tested, the professional will gather and analyze all the information. You’ll sit down together to talk about the results and get your questions answered.

You’ll get a written report, too. This will recap all the information gathered and reviewed. It will also list the tests used, show your child’s results and provide more information about your child’s specific issues. A report should include a statement about how those issues affect your child and recommendations of things that can be done to help.

The report can provide information to help you and the school find ways to support your child’s learning.

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