Educational Assessments             

Learning Disabilities Assessment
Full Comprehensive Learning Disabilities Assessment (all Areas of learning, Mental functioning, Neuropsychological functions Assessed.)1-3 weeks and up to 3 professionals needed to complete and finalize reports

Gifted Evaluations
Test for IQ, and Academic Achievement compared to international norms

Individual Subject Specific Assessment

Dyslexia: Difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, speaking
Dyscalculia: Difficulty doing math problems, understanding time and money, remembering math facts
Dysgraphia: Difficulty with handwriting, spelling, organizing ideas
Dyspraxia: Difficulty with hand-eye coordination, balance, fine motor skills
Auditory processing disorder: Difficulty interpreting what the ear hears (which is different from having a hearing impairment)
Visual processing issues: Difficulty interpreting what the eye sees (which is different from having a visual impairment)

Attention  / Cognitive functioning

Attention (ADD)  Cognitive Evaluations and Diagnostics for
ADHD, ADD,  Intellectual Disabilities,  Cognitive functioning

          International Center for Cognitive Development

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