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Dr. Pardis Bolandian 
PhD, Clinical Psychologist   
MA, Marriage and Family Therapy 
BCBA, Board Certified Behavior Analyst 

California License: PSY 24206
BACB #: 1-18-29726



Dr. Bolandian is a marriage and family therapist, a licensed clinical psychologist and a board certified behavior analyst from the USA.  She has been active in the field of behavioral sciences, psychology and behavior analysis for nearly 20 years.

Her work has focused on providing both behavioral and clinical therapies to children and adolescent populations in educational, home, and community settings. In addition to this, Dr. Bolandian provides both individual and group psychotherapy as well as intensive applied behavioral analysis.  Dr. Bolandian also provides parent consultation and training and school staff training to better support the child with exceptional needs.

Dr. Bolandian completed her Bachelors of Science in Psychology in 1999, her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2002, her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2009 and her certificate degree in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2017. Her practicums included work with inpatient and outpatient children and adolescents at UCLA’s neuropsychiatric hospital in Los Angeles, California. During this particular practicum she administered comprehensive assessments, diagnosis and treatment plans for a population with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Learning Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Anxiety and Depressive Disorders.  

Dr. Bolandian’s second practicum included elementary-aged low socio-economic children with dyslexia and learning disorders at the University of Southern California's graduate program for Dyslexia Research and Development. During this practicum, she administered assessments, made observations and collected data on the children in the HeadStart programs for research and development. Following data collection, teacher and parent trainings would be given to help students progress and evaluate the optimal learning environments for their particular needs.

Dr. Bolandian’s entire practice has been in Los Angeles, California working with both public and private schools, regional centers, non-public companies as well as privately treating clients and families. She has relocated to Ho Chi Minh City and is looking forward to working with children and families in Vietnam.

Dr. Bolandian is addicted to traveling - there is nothing better than exploring the magic of a new culture, people and food!