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Fae Frederick is from the United States of America and received her Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Counseling Psychology from Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA), an accredited program through the American Psychological Association. She completed her internship at Aurora Mental Health Center in Aurora, Colorado, an accredited internship program through the American Psychological Association. She received her Master’s (M.A.) in Mental Health Counseling from Boston College (Boston, Massachusetts, USA). She is currently licensed in Alabama, USA. Her research areas have included: social justice, interdisciplinary university-community partnerships, risky behaviors in minority communities, program design and development, and adolescent well-being as it intersects with achievement.

Fae has five years of counseling experience in settings such as: community mental health, refugee center, integrated care (within a primary care office), juvenile justice services, domestic violence and sexual assault services, and a high security state hospital. She also has experience in adult and child assessment, teaching at the university level, grant writing, and supervision of other therapists. She is trained to work with all age groups and diagnoses, however her specialties are trauma, depression, anxiety, severe mental illness, and existential crises in adults. Other types of therapy and presenting concerns (family, marriage, play therapy, etc.) will be considered on a case by case basis.

Fae focuses on skill building in early sessions to reduce immediate pain, discomfort, and/or distress before exploring patterns and values that may cause or perpetuate symptoms or relational difficulties. Any trauma work is considered a long term goal, only to be attempted once adequate coping skills are in place.

Fae uses several theories and techniques so she can provide the highest quality care that is unique to each individual’s experience. This is called an “eclectic” theoretical orientation. The specific theories she uses most include the following: Existential, Narrative, Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT), Culturally Sensitive, Person Centered, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT).

A Note From Fae About Therapy:

I believe therapy is a highly collaborative process. I often give clients options and let them choose which topic they want to discuss, which technique they want to try, or what goal they want to work on first. There are a lot of ways therapy can work so by giving your input, I am better able to move in a direction that works for you. I am a firm believer that while I may be an expert on treating mental discomforts, you are an expert on you. I constantly ask my clients for feedback (e.g. “Does that sound right?” “Was that exercise helpful?”) to make sure we stay on the same page. I generally see my role as a more objective observer who points out inconsistencies and unhelpful habits as well as the strengths individuals forget they have. I use evidenced based tools to help people change the patterns they want to change and help people explore and solidify their values so they can more confidently navigate through life’s obstacles.

If you have questions for Fae, please email her at  For appointments outside of the calendar availability, including same/next day appointments, please email Fae directly and she will attempt to accommodate you.

Dr. Fae Frederick M.A., PhD

Counseling Psychologist