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 ICCD COVID-19 UPDATE: In light of recent developments, ICCD is taking the following actions to keep our clients and staff as safe as possible.

If you have any of the followings at present or during the past 21 days

Fever  or  Cough  --    Difficulty of breathing    -- Sore throat 
Vomiting --  Diarrhea  -- Skin hemorrhage --  Rash
OR Care for a person with communicable illness

We request that you to stay home and not come to the ICCD office!! 

Other arrangements can be made.  Please, directly email you specialist and they will guild you on alternative options.  

The government have issued a self-isolation directive, if you have been any of the following areas Hanoi, Da Nang, Phu Quoc or any of the following You are required to be in home quarantine if you have been to :

Ha Nam :
5 Dong Yen, Chan ly ward , Ly Nhan District, Ha Nam province from 22/4
Nội Đọ, Bắc Lý Ward , Ly Nhan District, Ha Nam province from 22/4
Thai Binh :
Doan Hung Ward, Hung Hoa District, Thai Binh Province during 7-10h on 25/4
Ha Noi:
Viet Hung Ward, Dong Anh District, Ha Noi from 22/4
Da Nang
For you Bien Restaurant : 1,2,3 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, My Ke , Da Nang at 18h30 on 27/4
Novotel Hotel  36 Bach Dang Street, Da Nang on 27/4
Bien Lon Restaurant, 18 Vo Nguyen Giap, Da Nang from 27-29/4
Trung Quoc Restaurant, Le Quang Dao, Da Nang on 28/4
Yen Bai:
Viet Cuong Ward, Tran Yen District, Yen Bai Province from 01/05
Ao Sen Street, Tan An Ward, Nghia Lo, Yen Bai Province from 01/05
Tuy Hoa Hotel, Pú Trang Ward, Nghia Lo , Yen Bai Province from 01/05
Hoa Tay Bac Hotel, Pu Trang Ward, Nghia Lo , Yen Bai Province from 27/4 -  02/05
Vinh Phuc
Phuc Yen Hospital , Hung Vuong Ward, Phuc Yen City, Vinh Phuc from 29/4


If you are a CURRENT client Please make arrangements with your specialist to meet via our online platforms or make other arrangements. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

We strive for safety in all areas of our services. including the office. We do have air and surface sterilization equipment for the office and use it regularly. All persons entering the office will be asked to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands upon entry. ICCD may request to take the temperature of individuals as they enter the office. Individuals with a fever will be asked to leave and to contact their clinician to reschedule.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact ICCD or your individual specialist. This is just a precautionary and temporary measure so ICCD can provide the best care possible for all of our community. 

These measures are temporary  and will be removed as soon as the Health authorities advise to do so. +84 965 729 346

Important Notice

Please read.

NOTICE:  The Vietnamese Government has issued a Self-Isolation order for those that have been in Danang city in the last two weeks. from July 11th onwards.