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Chase Conrad is a Counseling Psychologist from the United States specializing in individual, group, and addictions psychology.  He is currently completing his dissertation associated with a  Ph.D in Counseling Psychology from  Assumption University in Bangkok.

Chase completed his undergraduate work with a degree in business administration from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, and then from Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida, with a Masters Degree in Psychology Counseling in 2012.

He spent a total of four years in West Palm Beach, Florida, working in The Wellington Retreat, a dual diagnosis rehabilitation center specializing in treatment of clients suffering from mental illness and addictions.  Chase was an Out-Patient Therapist and Lead Group Facilitator.   He treated clients suffering from disorders ranging from schizophrenia, drug addiction and bipolar disorders to those battling depression and anxiety disorders.  He also led group sessions with adolescents age 13-17 who were suspended / expelled from school and court-ordered to treatment.

Chase further worked with a Neurologist on staff at the Wellington Retreat and was trained and certified as a biofeedback practitioner and EEG (electroencephalography) analyst for two years.  He took brain images of clients’ electrical brain wave patterns and used neuro-feedback technology to teach the brain to self-regulate in areas that were found to be acting abnormally slow or fast. He had the most success with clients suffering from sleep disorders, anxiety and depression.

While working on his Ph.D at Assumption University in Bangkok, he acted as a Counselor for Assumption University working mainly with exchange students from America, Europe and Asia, and dealing with cultural and adjustment issues.  He also maintained a private counseling practice in Bangkok where his clientele consisted primarily of expat students, some Asians, and retirees. 

For the last 2 years, Chase has been a professor of psychology teaching a variety of Psychology courses at Webster University in Cha-am Thailand and serves as the University Counselor.  During his time at Webster, he counseled students from 17 different countries ranging from the US, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and various parts of Asia. 

Chase Conrad prides himself in bringing a Western psychology perspective to a burgeoning global world in Southeast Asia. His diverse cultural experience, background in drug rehabilitation, and expertise and success in group therapy, uniquely qualify him to assist and counsel students and clientele from across the world.

Chase Conrad M.S., Ph.D. (c) Candidate
Counseling  Psychologist