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Dr. Jeffrey is a Psychologist and Education specialist from the United States of America with over 15 years of experience working in the fields of Education and Psychology.

Dr. Jeffrey received his PhD in Counseling Psychology from Assumption University. His research interests include learning in adverse situations, motivation, resiliency and psychological effects of exploitation on vulnerable populations. He did his pre-doctoral internship in a K-12 international school setting where he worked with many different individual special needs students. His focus of treatment was based on current psychological methodologies and academic success. His client base included ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, personality and conduct disorders, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. He used psychometric testing, psycho-education, psychotherapy and designed individual education plans (IEP) to help students to achieve success in their academic and personal lives.

Dr. Jeffrey did his practicum work with refugees in SE Asia working with multinational and multilingual clients with a large span of individual needs. Stemming from trauma and anxiety and other related mental health issues based around clients experiences with natural disaster, political and religious violence as well as extreme poverty.

Dr. Jeffrey completed his master in Education (M.Ed.) in counseling and human relations at Northern Arizona University. He worked as a peer counselor, residential director and judicial affairs officer within the university setting. He wrote and facilitated many workshops and training programs and represented his university at conferences. He also was grant funded to write and facilitate a mentoring program with at risk university students.

​Currently Dr. Jeffrey calls  Ho  Chi Minh City home where he lives with his wife and very spoiled dog.

Psychologist / Education and Assessment Specialist

​Dr. Azrael Jeffrey M.Ed.,  Ph.D

0947 180 239 English

0965 729 346 Vietnamese