International Center for Cognitive Development

Making a Brighter Future!

The International Center for Cognitive Development (ICCD) is here to help SE Asian residents and expat make the most of their Individual lives personally, professionally and academically. 

ICCD team offers Psychometric assessments, mental health  diagnostics, full psycho-educational evaluations, HR personnel  screening, counseling, Speech language intervention, self-help resources, referrals to private care, workshops, and discussion groups to help Individuals gain the skills and insights they need to overcome adversity and thrive in their life and learning.

Any individual, parent, school or employer with a concern they would like to discuss is welcome. Initial meeting is free of charge. This is a chance for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you.  These are informal and no interventions will take place at this time.  All regular sessions are billed at listed price.

Individuals come to the ICCD with concerns about their education, academic issues, career, language and developmental issues, relationships, health, happiness, motivation, behaviors, stress, trauma, or life decisions. Meeting with a clinician is a chance to explore one's self, and determine possible courses of action or resolution in a respectful and confidential setting.

NOTE: ICCD is a fully Licensed and Recognized Counseling and Educational consultant company in HCMC, Vietnam.  Red invoices are available on request. All our staff are fully qualified respected Mental Health Professionals both here in SE Asia as well  as, their individual  respective countries.  

Making a Brighter Future! 

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